Company history

Open Joint Stock Company "Vitebsk plant of tractor spare parts" began its history in July 1944 as the Vitebsk auto repair shops, are subordinate to the People's Commissariat of the BSSR road transport.

February 15, 1960 Vitebsk auto repair shops have been renamed to Vitebsk repair plant. With the submission to the Office of spare parts and repair facilities of the Council of National Economy of the BSSR (SNE BSSR), which led the industry and agriculture of the country.
Decree of the USSR Council of Ministers on 25.11.1960 number 1215 Vitebsk repair plant was renamed into Vitebsk Plant of Tractor Parts (VPTSP).

January 1, 1962 «VPTSP» becomes a subsidiary of the Minsk Tractor Plant ( "MT") of the Office of Engineering and Machine Tool SNE BSSR.
From 1976 to 1987, carried out the reconstruction of the plant and commissioned the building of industrial and administrative building.

Order of the Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Belarus of 20.12.1994 number 33 reorganized the production association "Minsk Tractor Plant. Lenin ", which resulted in« VPTSP »given the status of a legal entity.

Since February 1992 at the Vitebsk plant of tractor spare parts Technical Center starts implementation and warranty "Belarus" tractors of all modifications.

In accordance with the order of the Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Belarus of 14.11.2000 number 520 on the basis of the decision of Vitebsk regional executive committee from 11.01.2001 number 9 Vitebsk Plant of Tractor Parts renamed the Republican Unitary Enterprise "Vitebsk Plant of Tractor Parts" (RUE «VPTSP» ).

In January 2005, RUE «VPTSP» received the certificate confirming that the quality management system of production units and parts for tractors "Belarus" meets the requirements of ISO 9001-2001.
In January 2009 inspection audit of RUE "VTSSMS" confirmed the compliance of quality management system requirements of the new version of the national standard STB ISO 9001-2009.
Currently, work is underway on the implementation of the quality management system standard, the corresponding ISO / TS 16949 requirements.
In 2012, in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus on privatization of state property on the basis of the Republican Unitary Enterprise "Vitebsk Plant of Tractor Parts" created by converting the Open Joint Stock Company "Vitebsk Plant of Tractor spare parts."
August 1, 2014 number 82 in the State Register of holdings registered holding "MTZ-Holding", which along with other 8 companies entered JSC «VPTSP».

Throughout its history JSC "Vitebsk Plant Tractor Spare Parts" had a big change, and passed a lot of tests. But he managed to keep the tradition of producing high-quality and competitive products.

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