Technical service


Organization of the high-level of technical service, it is very important for the promotion of products in the markets of agricultural machinery and spare parts.
Since February 1992 at the "Vitebsk plant of tractor spare parts" working warranty tractors department. It deals with the maintenance of the brand of tractors "Belarus" all modifications. And provides consumers with tractors and spare parts manufactured by companies belonging to the "MT-Holding".

Employees of the department warranty tractors JSC "VPTSP" study at the training center of "MTW". Specialists of JSC "VPTSP" perform pre-sale preparation, warranty and service of tractors. Provide free technical advice for warranty and service of Belarus tractors brands.

For the repair and replacement of faulty components and assemblies used tractors only original spare parts production enterprises, members of the "MTZ-Holding". As well as components and accessories supplied to the assembly line of "MTZ" under direct contracts with their producers. Now the Department of warranty tractors JSC "VPTSP" serving "Belarus" tractors in Vitebsk, Beshenkovichi, Vitebsk and Gorodok district, Vitebsk region.

Highly qualified specialists, availability of spare parts warehouse
ensure prompt and efficient after-sales service in the warranty and post-warranty period of operation of "Belarus" tractors.

210004, Vitebsk, М. Gorky st, 51, tel/fax: +375 212 34-55-96, servicetractor@mail.ru


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